Faculty/ Staff Members


The Executive Board members at Truman State University’s circle are:



Circle Co-ordinator: Dr. Susan L. Thomas, President, Truman State University



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason McDonald, Asst. Prof. of History, Truman State University



President: Alicia Kilpatrick


Vice President: Jenna Reichel


Secretary: Anne Njoku


Treasurer: Matt Tometz


Our other officers include:


Webmaster: Ronit Das


Recruitment Chair: Ashley Murphy


Recruitment  Co-Chair and New Recruitment Education: Jared Beck



Public Relations Chair: Harper Euwer


Historian: Kayla Carroll-Seuferling


Roundtable Chair: Luke Komotos


Service Chair: Angela Jennings


Fundraising Chair:  Joseph Hubble


Fundraising Co-Chair: Heather Hughes


Hall of Fame Chair: Nicole Dunseith


Brotherhood: Taylor Burlis